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Manga sale xD

Hey all,

I decided I'm going to sell my manga - the truth is that I'm just not going to read it again... So... yeah :)

It's a mix of English, Japanese and German - so be sure to check which language it is in...

Confidential Confessions - Reiko Momochi 1-6 (complete) (US - Tokyopop)
Confidential Confessions deai - Reiko Momochi 1-2 (complete) US Tokyopop
Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories 1 + 2 = complete - Shiro Amano German (Egmont manga)
Gravitation EX (Maki Murakami) US Tokyopop
D.Gray-man 1 - 4 German tokyopop Katsura Hoshino

D.Gray-man 5-12 Japanese Jump comics
YU-GI-OH! R 4 - Japanese Jump comics
Kigi no yukue (木々のゆくえ) Fumi Eban - Ribon Mascot Comics (Japanese) 

Otomen (乙男) 1+2 Kanno Aya - 花とゆめ comics (yes, Japanese)
Death Note 1 Jump comics (Japanese) 
Kisu Hagu (キスはぐ) 1-3 みつきかこ Flower comics (Japanese)
Model 2 - German Egmont

Interested in anything? Tell me what you can offer ^_^ Shipping might be slightly expensive though, but I'll see what I can do.



Mar. 6th, 2010 10:37 am (UTC)
Re: Woah...
LOL, I read some terrible shoujo stuff but only in Japanese (would feel way too ashamed to read those in any language that anyone who knows me irl can understand ;)) but mostly shounen yeah :)

And BL xD Nooo, I liked Gravitation, but that's about the end of that story, too.

German is kind of similar to Dutch, but that didn't help me that much, I had some German in secondary school, and I decided to learn German a few years ago (when I was too scared to start learning Japanese), so now I can read and understand it, but I don't speak German myself.

I love shounen anime, although I don't watch that much anime in general lately (I blame uni). My favourites are things like Death Note, Code Geass, Tokyo majin (loved that one, although it's really not that good) and well.. darker than black. Other favourites are Natsume yuujinchou (best series ever, so mellow and different, and bonus points for youkai :)) and 'toki wo kakeru shoujo'.

This season Durarara!! seemed interesting, but I've only seen up to ep 5 or 6 (no time...)

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