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101 things in 1001 days...

UPDATE November 20th 2010

Start date: 29th of March 2009
End date: Sunday, 25 December 2011

I started out in different categories, so the first part of the list is sort of organized... the last part though, is completely random.

Travel related:

1.Visit Japan.
2.Go to Canada (Prince Edward Island)
3.Do a walking trip in the Netherlands.
4.Go to South Africa.
5. See the northern lights.
6. Go to Israel.
(No, I won't do all of them. Still... w/e)

Language related:

7.Read 5 books in Dutch. (4/5)
8.Read 2 books in German (1/2)
9.Read 3 books in Japanese (2/3)
10.Read at least 70 books total (70/70)
11.Write in my Dutch journal once a week
12.Have 5000 items in Anki

School/work/learning related:

13.Get into uni (even if I decide not to go! Hah.)
14.Finish my first year of school/job somewhere.
15.Get a job for one of the summer holidays.
16.Do music lessons again. Singing~
17.Volunteer somewhere for a few weeks in summer/other holiday.

18.Finish my year at SPECeast.
19.Get my EVS certificate.
20.Score more than 80% on a test.
21.Copy the quote wall to lj/notebook.

Social related:
22.Send everyone from SPECeast an e-mail twice (after leaving London) (1/2)
23.Join a group/club for something. Go club
24.Don't say no to a social event/meet up without a real reason. (headache or really too tired is a reason though :))
25.Join a church/synagogue/whatever.
26.Go to a concert twice. Omnia April 9! Barnyard Theatre.
27.Go out with Corinna.

Health/eating related:
28. Play stepmania (on pad) every two weeks (9/71)
29. Eat in a restaurant 3 times (3/3) Turkish restaurant, pizzeria and Indian
30.Learn how to do the 3-beat-weave (Poi)
31.Learn how to make a good chocolate cake (with layers and cream and chocolate icing :3).
32.Stop drinking coffee completely for a week.

33.Don't eat bread for 3 days in a row.
34.Bake bread every other day for a week.
35.Bake a cake for a party.
36.Walk at least 10 km somewhere near Dieren

Other things:
37.Do the JLPT level 2
38.Write a letter to myself to be opened in 2014.
39.Get my own place (room/flat/whatever)
40.Go to a musical Phantom of the Opera

Anime related:
41. Go to abunai 2009.
42. Go to Chibicon 2010.
43. Watch 1 new series a season. (3/11 .. or something(K-on,Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Darker than Black ryuusei, Durarara))
44. Get one more model kit + put it together.

45. Write “De ruine van Laag-Soeren” (total first draft)
46. Write 3 poems (0/3)
47. Write a crazy fanfic (at least 2 pages). Several xD

Hair related:
48.Get my hair to reach waist length.
49.Cut off the bleached part of my hair.
50.Teach Ly to braid.
51.Get 1 more flexi.

52.Make a painting
53.Post a cover of a song on youtube. - Ocarina ;)
54.Sing karaoke

55.Finish Crisis Core again.
56.Get 8000+ points in Mario kart.
57.Finish 1 new RPG. - Persona 4
58.Buy a new console.
59.Play Tales of Symphonia 2.

Totally random:
60.Have a sleepover with Ly in her room.
61.Hug one of the chickens.
62.Knit a blanket.
63.Get over 90 % on a test. (Dutch - who would have guessed that?!)
64.Save 1 euro/pound/10 rand a day. (last one done:March)

65.Learn the names of 50 food items (fruit, vegetable, other) in Japanese.
66.Wake up at 6.30 for 2 weeks without skipping days.
67.Write a letter to someone.
68.Watch Joan of Arcadia season 1.
69.Watch The Lion King in Japanese.

70.Get a RPG for DS and play at least 15 hours.
71.Try 5 new foods I haven't tried before 5/5 (1. White Stilton cheese 2. Chai 3. Halloumi, real feta cheese, Tex))
72.Fill up my recipe notebook.
73.Watch IT crowd season 4
74.Get new glasses.

75.Take a walk with the dog on a weekend I'm home. x 20 (8/20)
76.Go swimming with my sister.
77.Learn to make risotto.
78.Write an e-mail in German to Judith and Corinna (2/2)
79.Watch the news once a week (53/143)

80.If living at home - make dinner once a week when Mum is working.(15/?)
81.Attend a service in a synagogue.
82.Go on a retreat day/weekend.
83.Make 10 icons (2/10)
84.Make random pictures x 10

85.Go to the cinema five times (5/5 (Wolverine,Angels and Demons,Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,New Moon & Sherlock Holmes))
86.Participate in another Go tournament
87.Bring old clothes to a charity.
88.Buy 2 long skirts, at least one denim skirt.
89.Write in my dream journal every dream I remember. (whenever possible)

90.Go out in the rain and just ENJOY the weather for 10 minutes. (on purpose, when I can stay inside).
91. Don't buy anything except for groceries (and train tickets etc) for a month.
92. Get a 10/12 times card for a swimming pool and use all of it before it expires.
93. Donate 10 euros/month to a charity (Oxfam novib)
94. Get another ocarina Maparam DAC

95.Write in my journal every day for a month. (And in Dutch, do I get double points? 30/30 finished May 6 09)
96.Buy 5 CDs (2/5) (Do As Infinity - Eternal Flame, Prime Circle - Jekyll & Hyde
97. Clean the inside of my parent's car. (Nissan Note)
98.Bake a cake for 'de buurvrouw'.
99.Get a picture taken by a photographer of the family + one of me and my sister. (28-07-09)

100.Update progress on this list once a week (26/143)
101.Create a new list (add all things I didn't do.)

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