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Booklist 2011

Goal: 6/40

Suzanne Collins

* The Hunger Games (5)

Lynn Flewelling

* Traitor's Moon (1)
* Shadows Return (3)
* The White Road (6)

C.S. Lewis

* Mere Christianity (4)

Helen Oyeyemi

* The Icarus Girl (2)

STRANGE dreams

Sorry for non-Dutch speaking people.. copied from an e-mail to a friend and don't care to translate or write this stuff again.

It's an explanation for my earlier facebook status:
I think I sort of know what it feels like to be drugged x_X Wow that was crazy. Dreams in dreams and false awakening aplenty. Was it the medicine, the cold or sleeping in the middle of the day that did that... it was pretty cool, though xD;

To anyone going to read this; yes, this is how I chat, write e-mails to or talk to (irl) friends. I code-switch, it's not a crime. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code-switching)

Anyways xD uitleg van mn facebook message:

Ik ben dus nogal verkouden sinds last week, en had vanmiddag *weer* hoofdpijn... dus ik dacht zo van 'heyyy ik ga eventjes een uurtje of twee naar bed' (goed idee btw). Maar omdat ik zo'n hoofdpijn had wilde ik wat tegen de pijn nemen - maar mn Ibroprufennetjes zijn op... En ze doen hier aan 'drankjes' voor meds (eew eww). Maar we hebben dus zo'n 'ibrumol' ibruprofen/paracetamol suspension met.. grape flavour :D :D :D dus ik daar zo wat van nemen, en hup naar bed.

*zzzZZZzzz* *falls asleep* .. then.. OH NOEZ Josh comes homes. He wakes me up (once - and this is sort of important to realise ONCE he wakes me up) and I just ZZzzzZZZzz along some more (had mn wekker voor 2 uur later gezet). Dan... the fun begins! Eerst droom ik iets randoms (can't remember) and then I 'wake up' (maar het waren allemaal false awakenings... dus dit is false awakening Nr 1.) Josh trying to wake me up again ;_: Annoyed, tired, headache so ... ZzzzZZZ 'drift back to sleep' (maar was dus nog aan het slapen) en.. ik zie something with my eyes closed dus ik bedenk me heel slim van 'hey ik droom! ... wat zal ik nu eens gaan doen!'

Droombeelden verdwenen ;_: maar ik sliep nog, dus ik wrijf in mn handen en focus op dat gevoel (<- een trick om te blijven slapen en verder te dromen als je lucide bent) en ik bedenk wat ik ga doen.. ehm... naar het zwembad? *tadum* Cha droomt lekker verder van het zwembad in Brummen... en toen...

Josh, Doron en een random unnamed vriendje van hun (<- that should've been a sign that I was still dreaming xD friends aren't 'random' or 'unnamed' or a mix of different people... oh well) maken me wakker... Maar Shock!Horror! ik kan net mn ogen open krijgen maar ik krijg het niet voor elkaar om duidelijk te antwoorden.. Ik bedenk (dus nog steeds dromende) dat het misschien het medicijn was ofzo (unlikely? xDD paracetamol en ibroprufen doen dat normaal gesproken niet echt he?) Finally they leave the room, though, en ik kan lekker verder ZZZzzzZZZzz-en (val dus weer inslaap - in mijn droom - en begin nog iets te dromen).

Straaangggee dream over een TV show waar ik in het publiek zat en ze wilden sponsors hebben dus ze zochten die en een.. modder-race-thing?! wtf. Anyways...

En toen ging mn wekker xDD maar MANNNN that was strange. En kinda cool.

Misschien was het wel de grape flavoured meds? xDD haha. Have to try that again some time.. Maar.. hoofdpijn is weg - YAY


Now off to write some more for Nano... 28k today, maybe?
I would like to remind you that almost everything in my manga sale post is still available over here.

Other than that, I have some more things that I'm not going to read/watch/use ever again, so ... might as well sell it? :D
(psst: Saving up for another ocarina, and have to pay my ticket to get to South Africa...)

Books, DVDs, random things!Collapse )

Shipping... well if you live somewhere in Europe it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I'll need to check the prices :D Do let me know if you're interested in anything though!

Outside of the Netherlands Paypal is preferred.


Manga sale xD

Hey all,

I decided I'm going to sell my manga - the truth is that I'm just not going to read it again... So... yeah :)

It's a mix of English, Japanese and German - so be sure to check which language it is in...

Pictures, list etc.Collapse )
Interested in anything? Tell me what you can offer ^_^ Shipping might be slightly expensive though, but I'll see what I can do.


101 things in 1001 days...

UPDATE November 20th 2010

Start date: 29th of March 2009
End date: Sunday, 25 December 2011

My listCollapse )

Booklist 2010



Jean M. Auel

*Valley of the Horses (44)

Peter S. Beagle

* The Last Unicorn (15)

Elizabeth Berg

*The Pull of the Moon (25)

Emily Bronte

* Wuthering Heights (10)

Trudi Canavan

* The Magician's Guild (14)
* The Novice (18)
* The High Lord (19)

* The Ambassador's Mission (22)

Eoin Colfer

* Artemis Fowl (7 - audio)
* The Arctic Incident (8 - audio)
* The Eternity Code (12)
* The Opal Deception (21)

Cecilia Dart-Thornton

* The Ill-made Mute (39)
* The Lady of the Sorrows (40)

Sarah Dunant

* Sacred Hearts (6)

Deborah Ellis

* The Heaven Shop (38)

Jennifer Fallon

* The Palace of Impossible Dreams (1)

Lynn Flewelling

* Luck in the Shadows (29)
* Stalking Darkness (48)

Rumer Godden

* Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy (47)

Francois Grosjean

* Bilingual: Life and Reality (46)

Hans Hagen

* De Weg van de Wind (4) (1/3 Dutch)

Robin Hobb

* Shaman's Crossing (3)

Wolfgang Hohlbein

* Der Thron der Libelle (5) (1/3 German)

Dean Koontz

* Mr Murder (43)

Glenda Larke

* The Last Stormlord (9)
* Stormlord Rising (27)

Stieg Larsson

* The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2)

Erik Van Lustbader

* The Miko (41)

Daphe Du Maurier

* Rebecca (26)

Lucy Maud Montgomery

* The Blue Castle (13)
* Further Chronicles of Avonlea (42)

Rodman Philbrick

* Freak the Mighty (36)

Kathy Reichs

* Fatal Voyage (20)

Rick Riordan

* Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief (35)

Maria V. Snyder

* Magic Study (23)
* Fire Study (24)

Micheal Stewart

* Birthright (45)

Brent Weeks

* The Way of Shadows (31)
* Shadow's Edge (34)
* Beyond the Shadows (37)

Scott Westerfeld

* Uglies (17)
* Pretties (28)
* Specials (33)

Budge Wilson

* Before Green Gables (11)

Aya Zikken

* Een Warme Regen (16 - Dutch 2/3)

Markus Zusak

* The Book Thief (30)

Several authors

* War Stories for Girls (32)

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